The Grower's Journal: A Cannabis Cultivator's Daily Planner (Spiral)

The Grower's Journal: A Cannabis Cultivator's Daily Planner By Troy Musguire, Alissa Fisher Cover Image
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The Grower's Journal: A Cannabis Cultivator's Daily Planner provides new and experienced cannabis growers alike, a year's worth of day to day recording and tracking metrics used by professional cannabis cultivators. Each day cultivators can input and track every aspect of their growth including, nutrient feeding schedules, pH, lighting and environmental data across all growing mediums.

The Grower's Journal provides a wealth of information for those new to growing cannabis indoors. Distilling down volumes worth of guides and how to's into short easy to understand information to help newcomers get started and enough information to give intermediate growers a great reference guide. The Grower's Journal includes a 4 year calendar, multiple conversion tables, a seed germination guide, leaf and plant anatomy illustrations, guides to help understand pH and dissolved nutrients, a comprehensive leaf diagnostic and deficiency guide, cloning how to guide, as well as, harvesting, trimming and curing guides, including harvest report cards. The Grower's Journal also includes a comprehensive guide on decarboxylation and how to make butter and infused cannabis oils and gets you started with some classic edible recipes. For those starting from the beginning The Grower's Journal includes a look at starting equipment and a in depth look at indoor lighting. For the cannabis aficionado, no guide would be complete without a cultivar tasters section where growers can record and reflect on all the subtleties and terpene profiles of their favorite strains.

As cannabis laws are rapidly changing state by state, both medicinal and adult-use recreational cannabis are becoming part of the mainstream consciousness. More and more people are embracing cannabis as part of their daily lives and this guide wishes to serve those in places where cannabis cultivation is legal and appreciated.
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ISBN: 9781613452516
ISBN-10: 1613452519
Publisher: Hermes Press
Publication Date: January 11th, 2022
Pages: 276
Language: English