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Few books have been as powerful or controversial as The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Whether the stories in the Jungle Book are taken as moral lessons, simple adventures, or political metaphors, they have remained compelling for one generation after another. Mowgli is the boy raised in the wild. He grows up among wolves in the Indian Jungle and learns to survive. His animal friends include Baloo, a bear, and Bagheera, a black panther. As he grows up, Mowgli tests the boundaries between humanity and wilderness, between man's animal instincts and the potential for more. As a child, he must escape from a group of monkeys. When he grows, his enemies become even more dangerous. His true nemesis is Shere Khan, a menacing tiger. But Mowgli isn't alone. The Jungle Book also includes Kotick, a rare seal who searches for a refuge for his people, a place where he and his kind won't be hunted by humans. There's also Rikki-Tikki, a mongoose who defends a human family from vicious cobras. We also meet Toomai, a ten-year-old boy who helps to tend working elephants. He must see an elephant dance if he ever hopes to be a full-fledged elephant-handler. Whether they are humans or animals, these characters explore a new world as they search for a better future. Ever since it was originally published in the late 1800's, these stories have influenced countless readers. From comic books and novels to feature films, the Jungle Book has been a source of inspiration for writers, artists, and directors. This is your chance to explore the original.
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ISBN: 9781623751012
ISBN-10: 1623751012
Publisher: Corclassics
Publication Date: October 9th, 2015
Pages: 118
Language: English