Foundation Repair Secrets: Learn How to Protect Yourself and Save Thousands (Hardcover)

Foundation Repair Secrets: Learn How to Protect Yourself and Save Thousands By Rk Bob Brown Cover Image
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You may think you know a foundation problem when you see one. Cracked or deteriorating walls, uneven floors, and sticking windows and doors are hard to miss. But once you crack open this book by a real foundation repair expert, you will learn about telltale signs that often get missed. Experienced building contractors and ordinary homeowners alike will benefit from author Bob Brown's plain-language explanation of what causes foundation problems, how they should be investigated, and what solutions apply in different situations.

Get the inside story on what it takes to do a real investigation of foundation problems and come up with the right solution. Learn how contractors who lack knowledge or have conflicts of interest regularly charge homeowners thousands of dollars for "repairs" that are useless or make problems worse. Find out how and why Bob's Arizona company spent years working with experts to develop a patented solution to remediate a damaging type of problem in which saturated soil heaves up under concrete slab foundations. Find out the questions you need to ask about foundations before a costly repair.

This book clears up common misconceptions about the repair of foundation problems that plague many homes all over the world. An industry insider reveals that product suppliers have trained contractors and their salespeople to perform quick and dirty inspections that can result in misdiagnoses. A real investigation of a foundation problem involves many steps and a thorough understanding of building construction and soil dynamics.

Bob Brown has spent decades working with engineers and scientists to find out how to thoroughly investigate different kinds of foundation problems in all of the unique ways and locations in which homes are built. He shares his proprietary solution for remediating the foundation problems most often given the wrong treatment. Homeowners who read this book will come away understanding more about foundation repair than some people who work in the field.
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ISBN: 9781642256383
ISBN-10: 1642256382
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: English