Ferment This: Preserving, Pickling, and Fermenting Your Way to a Better World (Hardcover)

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Fermented Food and Recipes for the
Eco-Friendly Foodie

Perfect for those new
to fermentation and those wanting to expand their skill set, this
beautifully-photographed recipe book guides you through the basics of
pickling, preserving, and

A fermenting book to
preserve the world.
Author Terri Ann Fox of River Run Ferments
& Bakehouse believes that preserving food positively affects the fermenter
and the world. With tons of information about the benefits of preparing and
eating fermented foods, Ferment This explores
different ways to creatively incorporate the fermented food lifestyle into your
daily life. With a little help from Terri, learn about the environmental effects
of jarring, the practicality of pickling from a sustainable
standpoint, and the health benefits of fermented

How to ferment anything. Not sure
what fermentation is or how to do it? Bored by bland recipes? Want to
learn creative vegetarian and vegan alternatives? An easy-to-follow guide,
Ferment This includes everything from comprehensive
photo guides to straightforward explanations behind fermentation

Inside, explore step-by-step fermenting recipes for:

  • Sourdough breads
    and gluten-free substitutes
  • The original pickle and other
    fermented vegetables
  • Shrubs, tonics, and an assortment of
  • Kombucha and other cultured beverages
  • Delicious
    vegan cheeses and other cultured plant-based

If you liked fermenting
books like Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving,
Wild Fermentation, or The Art of
, then you'll love Ferment This.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781642508581
ISBN-10: 1642508586
Publisher: Yellow Pear Press
Publication Date: July 12th, 2022
Pages: 280
Language: English