Now You See Me (Paperback)

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Love is blind, but so is naughty pleasure...
Sorina loves the way Dylan has taken charge of her life, relieving her of the burden of making decisions and freeing her to explore her desires. Yet while she knows she is supposed to follow the rules, she can't help those small acts of rebellion that earn the punishment she craves. When her master Dylan rewards her with a night in the cage, Sorina can't wait to explore her new boundaries. Blindfolded and cuffed, she can only hope that Dylan doesn't discover her secret before she finds her release...
Dylan knows that Sorina yearns for his control, and he loves nothing more than watching her lose herself in the freedom he provides. When he has the chance to toss a little temptation her way, he can't wait to see how his vixen will respond. Will Sorina obey her master or will she earn a delicious punishment?

About the Author

A professor in the higher education system, Ali delights in imagining naughty distractions while enduring endless mind-numbing committee meetings. She loves to push the boundaries of the written word and the imagination, knowing that life at work would be way more exciting if more people didn't wear panties.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781644502389
ISBN-10: 1644502380
Publisher: 4 Horsemen Publications
Publication Date: May 15th, 2021
Pages: 84
Language: English