An Impossible Promise Lib/E (Compact Disc)

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In one century she loved him madly, and in another she wants nothing to do with himIn this second book of a trilogy, the story of Liam O'Connor and Cora McLeod continues. While they were lovers in the past, things are very different in the present. Liam and Cora are both police officers and roomates in Providence Falls, North Carolina. Liam is trying to do as the angels have commanded--make sure Cora falls in love with another man--but Cora is not the impressionable innocent girl Liam remembers. She's strong and smart and not easily manipulated. Liam is forced to face the truth about himself as he comes to realize that he truly isn't the right man for Cora. But, as Liam is coming to that conclusion, Cora is starting to see him in a new light.

Liam wants Cora for himself, but with his soul hanging in the balance, he must choose between a stolen moment in time or an eternity of damnation.

An Impossible Promise is romantic, fun and pure escape.

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ISBN: 9781665104029
ISBN-10: 1665104023
Publisher: Mira Books
Publication Date: September 21st, 2021
Language: English