Second Chance (Paperback)

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'Second Chance' is the story of Charlie Williams, a British ice skating champion who suffers a career-ending injury when saving a little girl from being run over by a truck. His life seems in ruin, but he is then offered a second chance as a coach. All goes well until one of his students tests positive for a performance-enhancing drug at an international competition. The British skating association hold an inquiry, where the student lies to them by saying that his coach gave him the drug. After much protesting, Charlie is banned from teaching in Britain and, as a result, can't find work anywhere in Europe, so he goes to Australia where he finds an ice rink in a small town. He becomes a huge success and trains a young girl to become Australian champion, but not before she is kidnapped in an attempt to stop her competing.
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ISBN: 9781665502764
ISBN-10: 1665502762
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: October 13th, 2020
Pages: 186
Language: English