The Fictions and Constructs of Racism: Serie Convergencias (Hardcover)

The Fictions and Constructs of Racism: Serie Convergencias By Juan Carlos Hernández-Vega Cover Image
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One of the most brilliant and interesting phrases that keeps on coming up and out of many professors' mouth is; " is just a construct". This phrase in and of itself can summarize - from a simplistic point of view - the whole issue of racism, discrimination, and other inhumane treatments that have been and are currently being experienced by many individuals in many regions of the world. There is definitely a lot of wisdom hidden in this phrase; " is just a construct". Moreover, if something is a construct it means that it was - precisely that - constructed by something or someone. This "something" with the power of constructing, re-constructing and de-constructing things is called the human mind. There is, indeed, an intrinsic link between "constructs" and the mind. That is precisely why the purpose of this manuscript is to provide and present a tripartite model-theory of understanding and change (transformation) that could be used as a framework to understand, deal with, and change radically racism, discrimination, misperceptions about other people, assumptions about color, race, and gender, and other biased fictions created by the mind, which do not have any foundation and correspondence whatsoever in objective reality.
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ISBN: 9781716325281
ISBN-10: 1716325285
Publication Date: December 16th, 2020
Pages: 88
Language: English