Arrowheads Mark Spots of Wits 2: Taking on the Dragon (Paperback)

Arrowheads Mark Spots of Wits 2: Taking on the Dragon By Cash Onadele Cover Image
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ARROWHEAD MARK SPOTS OF WITS: TAKING ON THE DRAGON. It is one thing to prepare for war. It is a different experience to fight the war. This we shall find out in this concluding story of freedom. It might have appeared that you were reading through a plot of thrones, but this concluding part exposes the true reason we had to follow the throne. The story is not only about the game people play or their questionable attitudes or even wars fought. It might at times even appear to be about the frailties of Yoruba culture and beliefs. It could also ask, why not to trust another person? This story traces roots and generations to present the proof of failure to respect sovereignties while the invaders fight under a banner. I would like it to answers the question, "why do you need what belongs to someone else, if you don't wish somebody to take away what you have?" I hope that I have done so with wits, entertainment and accented it with a nice plot. If you've read "Blood and Arrows of Wits", "Shafts of Arrows Pierce Wits", "Arrowheads Mark Spots of Wits: Making of a King" Then follow me to "Arrowheads Mark Spots of Wits: Taking on the Dragon." Find out what ends the final part of this trilogy.
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ISBN: 9781716889202
ISBN-10: 1716889200
Publication Date: May 31st, 2020
Pages: 278
Language: English