The Blood Within: The Challenge (Paperback)

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(From my collection of very sweet lesbian love stories but with enough action, romance, and adventure for everyone.)That's me, Sandra Clairheart-Hawthorne, werewolf Princess. Although, I am not so sure about the werewolf part. I have lived around them my whole life, but I have not shifted yet. My moms are both great. I know I'm adopted, but that has never had any effect on our relationship. They have both been very open and honest with me ever since I can remember, so when Momma Celia (a very beautiful vampire by the way) told me, "It's like your boobs; one day it will just happen," I believed her, of course, but that doesn't help much when you live secluded in literally a house of darkness.Then, there's the Princess part. How can I be a princess when I don't even know our people? I understand that my parents are just trying to protect me, but I know it is time. If I am going to be the leader I know they need me to be, I need to leave this house and what better place to learn than public high school? Like I said, what do I know? So, join me as I set out to discover the challenges that will ultimately shape me into the leader I know they will need me to be.
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ISBN: 9781724188465
ISBN-10: 1724188461
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 7th, 2018
Pages: 230
Language: English