Dismantling the Paradigm: Tracking the Pendulum: Volume One (Paperback)

Dismantling the Paradigm: Tracking the Pendulum: Volume One By Paul David Adkin Cover Image
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2018: the world seems incomprehensibly absurd. Wars of all shapes and sizes pock-mark a planet that is already weary and feeble from a century of brutal exploitation of its resources and the steady flow of poisonous elements spewed back into the water, land and air after their consumption. Resource-greedy nations imperialistically wage or exploit wars in resource rich, mainly Islamic states of the Middle East and Africa. At the same time, Islamic fundamentalists unleash their own attacks on the increasingly illogical, globalising status quo, wielding violence within the heartlands of not just their Western enemies, but against the Islamic world they want to reform as well. Floods of refugees, fleeing these incomprehensible wars, pour into safer, more prosperous and democratic countries, that subsequently erect walls against the invasion of the outsiders. Involuntary migrants, victims of the same wall-builders' unscrupulously selfish meddling, become a human paradox, condemned to flounder in the purgatory of a political, economic and ideological no-man's land.Meanwhile, the USA elects an incomprehensible leader, President Trump, rendering the world's most emblematic democracy incomprehensible. This incomprehensible president has an incomprehensible partnership with Vladimir Putin's Russia which renders the entire world-scenario incomprehensible. Absurd man-child leaders in the USA and North Korea have their fingers on the buttons of nuclear weapons and scream petulant threats at each other. Quite understandably the planet's climate groans under the burdens of human absurdity, but capitalist Civilisation insists on the incomprehensible need for maintaining a steady increase in that same consummation of the planet ...We have been driving a giant, juggernaut bus, along a road leading directly toward a cliff edge. If we continue going straight, we will topple into an abyss. Obviously, we cannot continue the way we are going. To avoid annihilation, we have one of two choices: we can either turn left toward a green Utopia with clean, fresh water and air, or right into the murky, greyness of a choking, totalitarian Dystopia. It seems obvious to us which decision is the best one. And yet ... most of those on board started screaming to the driver to turn right ... and he has.But why ... ?Dismantling the Paradigm analyses the anti-human reality we live in today, the nihilistic spirit of our times and its threat to our existence in the world. It examines the acute crisis in which our civilisation finds itself, with the world and with humanity. It outlines a belief that we now have an obligation to revaluate our relationship with our civilisation in order to reconstitute our relationship with the world we are in. A belief that a radical change of priorities is absolutely necessary.
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ISBN: 9781726794114
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 11th, 2020
Pages: 288
Language: English