Idris (Paperback)

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The past haunts those who can't let it go, but what it if those ghosts threaten a future? Daisy, now a business woman working only with legal ventures, has changed her life for the man she loves. Idris changed his life for her, as well. But when faced with an opportunity to take on a case with a personal connection, does he keep his word to Daisy or right the hurt from his past? As a detective who's moved out of the undercover world, Idris isn't adverse to danger. In fact, he finds himself seeking it. He just isn't prepared for what that means for Daisy, and neither is she.Can the future hold enough promise that Daisy and Idris are willing to let go of the past?Read the continuing story of this dynamic couple as they fight hard to determine whether they should face the future together in danger or separate and safe. Download your copy of Idris now.
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ISBN: 9781728782706
ISBN-10: 1728782708
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 18th, 2018
Pages: 178
Language: English