Problem Child: Leading Students Living in Poverty Towards Infinite Possibilities of Success (Paperback)

Problem Child: Leading Students Living in Poverty Towards Infinite Possibilities of Success Cover Image
By Robert L. Green (Foreword by), Khalid N. Mumin
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Dr. Khalid Mumin has lived the educational journey of which he speaks in Problem Child. Growing up in Philadelphia, PA he learned over time that when someone believes in you, it provides the necessary fuel to propel you forward. Once labelled a problem child himself, it wasn't until he was in danger of being placed in a juvenile detention center that he began to take his educational journey more seriously. Now a highly effective superintendent of K-12 schools his highly anticipated book, Problem Child examines the historical constructs of youth growing up in poverty and emphasizes the ways in which influential mentorship have become one of major pillars of success. He truly understands firsthand and believes that great teachers and influential leaders, who understand poverty, and who build sustainable relationships with students, play a major role in leading children towards infinite possibilities of success. In Problem Child you'll find a three-pronged approach at addressing teaching and leadership for students who grow up in underserved communities. This approach not only looks at the impact district leaders can have, but also examines how teachers and pedagogues in the classroom are greatly impacting student outcomes.Khalid Mumin upholds that defeating poverty is a form of social justice in an ever-changing society, and that those who motivate children to defeat the odds in beating poverty are in fact reframing the way students view their chances at success. It is refreshing to see a young man who grew up in the very environment of which he describes, so devoted to educating our youth. Dr. Khalid Mumin's book Problem Child is inspiring, refreshing, and long overdue. We are fortunate that he has finally put his experiences and undeniable expertise into print, particularly now during this pivotal moment in history...
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Publication Date: August 5th, 2020
Pages: 222
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