Lake June: Lost Among Thieves (Paperback)

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Lake June is the envy of all social settings. There are more upscale clubs, fine eateries and ways to spend money along this South Dallas strip, than any other place in the South. Its scenic beauty is unparalleled and its architectural extravagance is unmatched. However; masked behind all the smiling faces and exquisite luxuries is a place as dangerous as it is exciting and as dark as it is illustrious. Lake June is more than just a prominent road through Dallas. It's the attitude of the community surrounding it. It's the way of life. High risk. High reward. Be on your hustle or be hustled. Yet; amidst this fervid atmosphere, love, like a lightning bolt striking a tree and setting ablaze the forest, would strike upon Lake June. Tina, who grew up less than a mile away from its glistening lights, would be such a lightning bolt. She was classy, smart and attractive, yet unfamiliar with the ins and outs of street life. That is until she met JC, a flashy, smooth talker from Lake June's West End. He was a little older, a little more experienced and a lot more involved in the crime world than he would own up to. Albeit; at a time when she was preparing for college and a promising life ahead, he would sweep her off of her feet and promise her the world, even though his various affiliations would constantly threaten to snatch it back. He was everything she wanted. She was everything he needed, and life had never looked so promising for either of them. It was a match made in heaven but, for it to work, she would have to give him her heart. He would have to give up his ties to the streets and somehow escape the far-reaching clutches of Colombian drug boss, Antonio Ruiz.
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ISBN: 9781732558311
ISBN-10: 1732558310
Publisher: Galbay Publishing
Publication Date: August 25th, 2018
Pages: 186
Language: English