She Forgot to Love Herself (Paperback)

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People in today society make it so hard for people to seek help. We as God's Children must start to help our fellow brothers and sisters. Instead of talking about them, lift them up, and let them know they are loved no matter what they're going through.

Abuse is abuse no matter what type of abuse someone is going through. Abuse is another leading cause of death, but people look over it every day. People that are being abused are screaming out so loud, but silently because they are afraid of the verbal abuse they will receive once they reveal their hurt. Just think about it, they're already going through physical abuse they then have to deal with verbal abuse. Once you verbally abuse a person that's already broken and hurt, you're no better than the person that caused the physical abuse to them. After the physical and verbal abuse comes the mental abuse.

The victim beats themselves up with their thoughts, pain, and shame of feeling like the people in this world are against them. Stop talking about people and pray for them. Make them comfortable in knowing that they have a support system that will help them in their time of need. There is too much gossip and not enough positive uplifting. You have to be careful of the ones that finds joy in other people's pain. To be honest, hurt people Hurt people because they don't know how to handle their own problems.

If you know anybody that is going through any sort of abuse drop to your needs and pray for them before you offer your help. After you pray for them let God use you IF he wants you to be the person to help. We all are guilty of laughing and talking about somebody, but it's not too late to change and start being a prayer warrior for folks that are going through. Some people really fear leaving an abusive relationship. Some people just don't know their own worth. Some think it's okay to live like that. Some people watch their loved ones go through things like that, and they think it's okay. Whatever the reason that keeps them from leaving an abusive relationship don't let your words cause them more pain. Don't block that door for them to ask for help. Prayer changes things be a prayer warrior for them.

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ISBN: 9781732693418
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Publisher: Liberation's Publishing LLC
Publication Date: August 1st, 2018
Pages: 168
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