Words From My Heart: the hands-on Jewish Prayer Book (Paperback)

Words From My Heart: the hands-on Jewish Prayer Book By Evelyn Goldfinger, Evelyn Goldfinger (Illustrator), Federico Pallas (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Evelyn Goldfinger, Evelyn Goldfinger (Illustrator), Federico Pallas (Cover Design by)
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"Words From My Heart, the hands-on Jewish Prayer Book" is a unique book with an interactive approach to spirituality and Jewish prayer for children. It's a hands-on, scrapbook-style book that includes activities, games, songs, Hebrew words, Jewish prayers, and access to stories and videos through QR codes.

The book follows the Words From My Heart (WFMH) approach, created by Evelyn "Ms. Eve" Goldfinger, that helps participants to immerse themselves in spirituality and Tefillah (Jewish prayer) through four core prayer-concepts: four of the central concepts in Jewish prayer: Todah (thank you/ gratitude), B'vakashah (please/ asking for help), S'lichah (sorry/ repairing our mistakes), and Halleluyah (wow/ exclaiming praise and awe).

With 40 beautifully crafted pages with vibrant colors, this book invites kids, families, and schools to explore the world of prayer, soulfulness, and God (G*d) in a language that is accessible and inspiring. It also empowers children, and their parents and teachers, to find the words in their hearts and to create their own prayers.

"I hope that the words from my heart reach you and your family, and that the words in your heart elevate us all." Evelyn

"This book is truly an immersive experience, giving children the tools to explore prayer at their level. This is spiritual development that will support them as they grow "- Eliana Light, founder of the Light Lab

"An exquisite prayer book with inviting and magical collages and color. Evelyn has a talent for saying complex things in words that children and adults

can understand." Joy Schandler, MAJE, RJE Director of Congregational Education and Early Childhood Education Strategies

Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education

"One of a kind book. Spectacular in every way A must-have for Jewish educators and parents alike."

Lisa Baydush

Early Childhood Music Specialist

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ISBN: 9781733516570
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Publisher: Goldfinger
Publication Date: December 12th, 2022
Pages: 42
Language: English