It's Time You Knew: The Power of Your Choices to Prevent Women's Cancer (Paperback)

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Your annual doctor visit isn't enough to prevent disease and cancer-you have the power to protect your health with the right conversations.

When women's cancer surgeon Valena Wright, MD lost her older sister to Stage IC Ovarian Cancer, she knew she had to speak up. Her younger sister was saved through cancer prevention measures-but nobody was explaining how those measures could save more women.

Information on healthy choices for women is overwhelming. What prevents cancer? How can you spot early warning signs? What symptoms mean you should call your doctor and seek medical care? Daily health and lifestyle choices are the key to cancer prevention and early detection. But what choices?

In It's Time You Knew learn from a gynecologic oncologist with over 25 years of experience about:

  • Twenty-eight women's stories of patient experiences from symptoms to diagnosis and the path they took to cancer recovery.
  • The types of testing that your doctor may not have told you about but could save your life.
  • The daily and annual habits to adopt to lower your chance for disease, including the role weight, diet, sleep, and exercise play.
  • The wisdom to speak up when it matters-it just may save your life or the life of your loved ones.

Family history isn't the only factor when it comes to women's cancer. Listen to your body and take control of your health with 28 lessons straight from an oncology doctor. Committing to your health daily could be the simple step to cancer prevention. Buy It's Time You Knew and uncover how to decrease your risk of women's cancer through daily choices and ultimately protect your greatest asset: your health

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ISBN: 9781736008607
ISBN-10: 1736008609
Publisher: Irish Moss Press
Publication Date: February 18th, 2021
Pages: 214
Language: English