Behind those Heels: Ten Powerful Messages to Inspire and Ignite Change (Large Print / Paperback)

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Extraordinary lives are born from journeys filled with significant challenges. Imagine:

- ending up in the back seat of the police car bare feet;

- living in your car with your partner and pets after becoming homeless;

- struggling with your weight for your entire life;

In this very first Behind those Heels book in the series, we have compiled the journey of ten women who are enjoying extraordinary success following some tough challenges. These eleven powerful messages are being shared to inspire and ignite change for every reader. The authors have shared from a place of transparency and authenticity to support your own transformation.

This book was created to positively impact the lives of people who are currently facing challenges as well as those who will face various challenges in the future. As well as stories, there are strategies shared to support you in claiming your inner power and taking your empowered action too.

The book speaks to the hearts and souls of women around the world who will relate to the stories shared by the authors who have poured themselves into sharing their courageous journey. You are reminded through the pages of this book that you are never alone and that you too have your own Behind those Heels story. Are you ready to share yours?

The stories in this book have been compiled by the Behind those Heels Movement The authors have each shared their stories on the behind those Heels podcast at

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ISBN: 9781736047002
ISBN-10: 1736047000
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Carnelian Moon Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: November 30th, 2020
Pages: 130
Language: English