Wild Girl Running: A Primitive/Edwardian Romance (Paperback)

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A primitive love story like no other, this reverse Tarzan with a splash of My Fair Lady is an Edwardian tale of finding the balance between human duty, and human nature...

The wild girl has no name. Raised by wolves, free to run and hunt in the forest as it pleases her, she has never seen another human being in all twenty of her years. Certainly not a man...and certainly not a man like the one who, one fateful day, stumbles across her bathing in the stream.

And in his turn, Dr. Ulysses Cochran--a British anthropologist studying the cultural sites of America's displaced indigenous peoples--has never seen a woman like Estelle. From the first second he lays eyes on her, he knows he has fallen irrevocably in love: yet how can he give into his feelings for the wild girl when she can barely speak a word of English? His duty is to Cambridge and the grant he has received: it is to the sciences and cultures of mankind, for whom he resolves to teach Estelle to speak in an experiment that will change both their lives forever.

However it changes them, it is vital he care for her without taking advantage of her...and even more vital that he prevent others from attempting the same. Yet, as her education in the ways of civilized society deepens by the day, so does her ability to articulate the feelings she has for him. Torn between his academic career and his desire to reciprocate the love of the girl he has civilized, Ulysses must learn that, in romance, one is as much a student as a teacher.

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ISBN: 9781736300909
ISBN-10: 1736300903
Publisher: Painted Blind Publishing
Publication Date: December 11th, 2020
Pages: 268
Language: English