In All Lanes: Action Steps for New Leaders to Empower Black and Brown Students, Rethink School, and Transform Behavior (Paperback)

In All Lanes: Action Steps for New Leaders to Empower Black and Brown Students, Rethink School, and Transform Behavior By Taryn L. Fletcher Cover Image
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Are you feeling like there's no better time than RIGHT NOW to rethink school in ways that advance racial equity and enable social change in your school community?

Are you feeling helpless and unsure, but know there's a better way (than what's happening right now) to make your program more culturally and socially inclusive?

Are you a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of leader that likes to take action right away, especially when and where there's a need?

In 2020, almost every single household with school-aged children was forced to turn to distance learning methods, further exposing inequities in education, work, and technology. Millions of students have been missing from classroom instruction altogether because their community lacked equity and access.

Courageously, your school managed through, but student engagement is at an all-time low, teachers are overburdened, and classroom disruptions are topping their to-do lists.

You can't help but notice, 80% of your teachers are white, mimicking the national average, and this cultural mismatch, between your students and teachers, is ever more prevalent given our nation's current climate.

Now, is the time to rethink school to include what all students need in order to feel empowered, valued, and courageous in their own skin. Dr. Taryn Fletcher presents clear action steps that will build the stamina needed to fight social justice issues in your school and community-- and the framework tucked inside makes this work sustainable for years and years to come.

IN ALL LANES presents rich ideas about what's broken in our school systems that even 20-year veteran leaders would have never considered.

IN ALL LANES is a relatable and transformative resource that is packed with doable, concise, and easily implemented action steps that will help you build a bicultural learning environment.

Don't wait.

Read this book to unlock learning and deeper engagement for all your students.

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ISBN: 9781736834527
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Publication Date: April 14th, 2021
Pages: 160
Language: English