Set This Butterfly Free: Transforming Your Relationship with Energy, Money and Life (Paperback)

Set This Butterfly Free: Transforming Your Relationship with Energy, Money and Life By Janice Litterst Cover Image
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This liberating book explores the concept of money and its energetic patterns that began to form when we were born. These money patterns are rooted in scarcity and lack, which stem from the way we think and feel. This book will help you develop the skills necessary to shift those patterns in a way that opens up limitless possibilities. You'll discover that it is a life-changing manifesto about how to examine our attitudes toward money and material wealth at an individual and family level. This book is not about acquiring money and becoming wealthy. Rather, it is a book that discusses concepts of money being energy and when that energy is unrestricted, it can flow easily and effortlessly into our lives.

"Having a peaceful relationship with money is no longer unattainable. Set This Butterfly Free supplies you with the tools you need to establish peace and love with money. Jan takes you step-by-step through the process teaching you how energy and money are connected. Using her words as support, you will establish a relationship that will transform your life." -Karen Brucken

"As someone who is challenged with financial concepts, and a beginner in understanding the power of energy, this book seems to be my answer. I love how the author's passion is to help others, and especially women, no matter their income. I also love how she gives simple examples and connects this with gratitude. As a visual person, her logo is a beautiful reminder of how it all flows..." -Beth O'Brien

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ISBN: 9781737823407
ISBN-10: 1737823403
Publisher: Your Shift Matters Publishing
Publication Date: October 18th, 2021
Pages: 108
Language: English