Quick Guide to Choosing Your College Major (Paperback)

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This easy-to-use guide moves from self-assessment to information to decision making. The decision-making process begins with an explanation of what a college major is and what should be considered when making a decision. The next chapters offer three quick exercises to help readers clarify dimensions that are relevant to the choice of a major: their personality type, their strongest skills, and their favorite high school courses. Using the results of these exercises, readers construct a "hot list" of the college majors that seem to suit them the most, plus any others that look interesting. Then they explore their possible choices by reading fact-packed descriptions of 61 popular college majors and the 164 occupations and 95 job specializations linked to these majors.
Finally, readers fill out a decision-making checklist, comparing the results of their self-assessment exercises with the facts they have learned about various majors. They weigh the pros and cons to reach a tentative conclusion and receive hints about how to do additional exploration to confirm their decision.
With Quick Guide to Choosing Your College Major, the reader will be able to determine their future path fast
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