The Hats of the Queen (Hardcover)

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The Hats of the Queen examines 50 iconic headpieces adorned by the Queen during her reign, uncovering the royal, political, and fashion landscape of the time.  In her 70 years in power, Queen Elizabeth II has made her mark on history, navigating the ups and downs of the past century, and wearing many hats - literally and figuratively.  In 1933, little Elizabeth, sits in a carriage alongside her grandfather King George V, wearing a round, pink hat hemmed with flowers. In 2020, the year the world fell into crisis with the covid pandemic, the sovereign dons a very similar hat. Nearly 100 years have passed between these two images, a century of politics, diplomacy, and fashion, which is told, in these pages, through the little-known story of the Queen's hats.  With a foreword by royal correspondent Alastair Bruce, The Hats of the Queen is a beautiful and informative look back on the life and times of her majesty through these iconic accessories.

•A timely and unique book celebrating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II • Royal correspondent Alastair Bruce provides a foreword 

About the Author

Thomas Pernette is a French journalist at Point de Vue, a newspaper specializing in royal families from around the world.
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ISBN: 9781784886707
ISBN-10: 178488670X
Publisher: Quadrille
Publication Date: July 11th, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: English