Russell Targ: Ninety Years of Remote Viewing, ESP, and Timeless Awareness (Paperback)

Russell Targ: Ninety Years of Remote Viewing, ESP, and Timeless Awareness By Jeffrey Mishlove, Russell Targ Cover Image
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"Russell Targ is a parapsychological genius. He is one of the most successful and insightful parapsychologists in history. He is a man of magic I am proud to call him my friend; and I am delighted to be able to share with readers fifteen of my conversations with this great soul."
Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD

A childhood magician, raconteur, laser pioneer, physicist, parapsychologist, and psychic spy, Russell Targ has enjoyed an illustrious career spanning more than six decades. Now in his ninetieth year, Russell is still active and his work in consciousness research and extra sensory perception is more relevant than ever.

Along with physicist Harold Puthoff, Targ created the now famous remote viewing program at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). The psychic intelligence-gathering program known as Grill flame, Stargate (and other names) was funded by the CIA and other US government agencies for 23 years, and brought ESP research into the mainstream, much to the dismay of materialist scientists. Those findings convinced him of the reality of non-dualism and he became a practicing Buddhist.

This book dialogues 15 conversations with Jeffrey Mishlove, the veteran parapsychologist and host of the New Thinking Allowed YouTube channel, in which they delve into remote viewing by military intelligence, precognitive dreaming, ESP, and much, much more.

"Russell is one of the most important figures in twentieth and twenty-first century consciousness research."
Stephan A. Schwartz

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Publication Date: May 14th, 2024
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