INTUITIVE EATING workbook: a step by step mindful based program for weight loss, design your body image and have a healthy relationship with food (Paperback)

INTUITIVE EATING workbook: a step by step mindful based program for weight loss, design your body image and have a healthy relationship with food Cover Image
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Have you struggled with weight loss, and failed at dieting attempts? Are you turning to food when you deal with your emotions?

If so, you're like many people that have fallen victim to the dieting mentality. With the Intuitive Eating Workbook, you'll learn how to listen to your body when it's truly hungry and recognize when you are full and satisfied. Intuitive eating is the anti-diet, and it allows us to move away from restricting certain foods. Instead, we can focus on the foods that we enjoy and their nutritional value.

In this book, you will discover how you may be using food to help you deal with emotions, and what could be triggering you to participate in unhealthy behaviors. This can be a life-changing event for some, as eating disorders and increased risks of diseases are associated with the way that we eat. With intuitive eating we can learn to accept our bodies for what they are and develop realistic expectations for ourselves. If you've ever wanted to improve your connection between your mind and body- intuitive eating can work for you Use this book to discover what type of eating habits you have, and how to keep a food journal. Use the tips and techniques for determining your hunger levels, and how to include healthy food options with the foods that you already love to eat.

With this work book you will be able to discover the power of intuitive eating and how it can help you recognize physical hunger. The more you follow your natural signals, the stronger your relationship with your body will become. It's this reconnection that is one of the most important aspects of eating intuitively. You'll also learn how to keep track of your goals and improvements that you make along the way. You can discover your current relationship with food, and the patterns that you have when it comes to the foods you choose and when. Making healthy food choices and including nutrient-dense options for your meals is essential. We'll explore some of the most nutritious foods that you can begin to incorporate. Discovering what foods you enjoy preparing and recipes that you like to cook are important when developing meal plans for the intuitive eater. When you add all of this to a commitment to moving your body every day, you can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals quickly

Inside this workbook you will find:

  • Intuitive Eating 101
  • The Science behind eating mindfully
  • How to identify what type of Eater you are
  • Natural hunger vs. Emotional hunger
  • Healing stages for the Intuitive Eater
  • Dieting Psychology and why it doesn't work
  • How your Emotions are driving you to make unhealthy food decisions
  • How to create a new eating routine focused on enjoyment
  • Nutrient-Dense Foods to choose
  • How to keep a food journal so you can track your progress
  • Tips to recognize patterns and how to break them

Pick it up and discover much more...

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