Erotic Stories Collection Vol.2: Cruise Ship Love (Paperback)

Erotic Stories Collection Vol.2: Cruise Ship Love Cover Image
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Erotic Stories Collection Vol.2 Cruise Ship Love

Turn on the passion inside you with this erotic story and let yourself go reading this story.

The second volume of the Erotic Stories Collection by Natalie Wildex focus on the story of Marcia, a strong and beautiful woman, and her partner Sam that search relax in a cruise for seven days. But they will not be alone...

Nothing beats hot and steamy erotic stories in setting the mood for a steamy sexual encounter a few hours later. Even if you want to give yourself some self-love, erotic stories will indeed set the stage and the mood to get on with it with so much ease.

And given that we've all have a naughty side of us that get turned on by some pretty quirky things in every erotic story, you can rest assured that the level of detail in the story in this book will ignite a fire within you that you will want to put off using all means necessary

What are you waiting? Buy this book today and awake your passion living the story of Marcia and Sam

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801970907
ISBN-10: 1801970904
Publisher: Brenda Rindex
Publication Date: March 17th, 2021
Pages: 574
Language: English