The Prepper's Long Term Survival Handbook: Step-By-Step Guide for Off-Grid Shelter, Self Sufficient Food, and More To Survive Anywhere, During ANY Dis (Paperback)

The Prepper's Long Term Survival Handbook: Step-By-Step Guide for Off-Grid Shelter, Self Sufficient Food, and More To Survive Anywhere, During ANY Dis By Small Footprint Press Cover Image
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Protect Yourself And Your Family From the Coming Societal Breakdown & Power Grid Collapse: Discover A Complete Guide On Long-Term Survival Skills

Do you want to know how you can save your life when the time comes?

And make no mistake -- the time when you and your loved ones' survival will depend on you will surely come.

Climate change has brought on us an onslaught of natural disasters, and various life-threatening accidents in the cities are also on the rise.

But it doesn't even have to go so far -- crisis can hit at any time and place. A terrifying storm might knock out your power, a car accident might leave you stranded, or you can just get lost by wandering too far off the trails on your camping trip.

Would you like to know how to limit the damage in such situations and save lives?

Even a simple skill of knowing how to make fire or build a shelter can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we should be prepared for everything.

After that year, would you honestly be surprised if the zombie apocalypse hits next?

Even in the off-chance that happens, you'll know how to defend yourself and protect your family.

In The Prepper's Survival Handbook, you will discover:

‚óŹ The Prepper Checklist - an ultimate list of gear, equipment and provisions that should always be packed and ready in your survival kit

‚óŹ Where and how to find water in the wilderness, by using various wildlife and nature clues

‚óŹ How to avoid starvation and find food in different environments, including desert areas and mountains

‚óŹ How to keep warm if you get lost and find yourself stranded in the cold weather

‚óŹ Self-defense techniques to protect yourself both in the city and in the wild

‚óŹ A detailed guide on how to build shelter, both in urban areas and the wilderness Plus, as a bonus. In Off-Grid Living, you will discover:

‚óŹ How you can live off the grid without giving up any of your luxuries or technology

‚óŹ How to install different types of water systems in your off grid home

‚óŹ A huge variety of electricity options: You'll discover how to use solar, wind, and geothermal sources to power your off grid home and all your gadgets

‚óŹ A comprehensive list of the best US states for off grid living (Hint: Some states actually have it all - great weather, beautiful nature, and cheap properties )

And much more...

Having survival skills is not just about building fires and hunting.

It's also about staying calm in life-threatening situations, dealing effectively with fear and panic, and knowing how to survive in both cities and wilderness.

Experts agree that the 2020s will turn out to be the most challenging decade we've had in a long time.

Make sure you're ready for it.

Discover how to survive and endure any disaster and crisis that you'll encounter.

If you want to be able to survive and endure any disaster and crisis, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.
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ISBN: 9781804212004
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Publication Date: January 17th, 2023
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