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How many times have you heard bestselling authors say the route to success is to write every day?

In this inspiring book, author of several bestselling titles, Helena Halme, reveals the secrets of how writers train themselves to work every day. She discusses why writing every day brings success, as well as gives you tips on how to motivate yourself to turn up to work at your writing desk every single day.

Some of the topics covered in this handy guide are:

  • Why does writing every day bring you success?
  • The real reason why you're not writing
  • Why the more you write the more you thrive as an author
  • How to turn off your inner critic
  • Why making writing a daily habit is easier than you think
  • How plotting your novel or planning a nonfiction title makes daily writing easier

Helena Halme is a prize-winning author of 12 fiction and three nonfiction titles. She is a former BBC journalist, a translator, and a magazine editor, and began writing fiction after gaining an MA in Creative Writing. Her true love story, The English Heart, is a bestselling novel and has been downloaded thousands of times on Amazon.

In Write Every Day, Helena shares her experience on how to motivate yourself as a writer. Using her knowledge gained as a coach and an author who's often had long gaps-sometimes lasting years-in her writing career, Helena shows you how easy it is to write every day.

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ISBN: 9781838105754
ISBN-10: 1838105751
Publisher: Newhurst Holdings Ltd
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2020
Pages: 120
Language: English