Copyright in Islamic Law (Hardcover)

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Copyright in Islamic Law is the first work in English to systematically discuss the ideas of intellectual property and copyright from an Islamic perspective. The author, Dr Mohamed Ali Ahdash, builds a framework from within Shari'a law to address the concepts of intellectual property and copyright. In so doing, he adopts the classical usul al-fiqh approach by firstly defining the key terms associated with the field, namely: right (haqq), ownership (milkiyya), wealth (mal) and utility (manfa'a). Dr Ahdash then analyses how these terms are used in the Qur’an and in the Hadith, before looking at how the secondary sources of analogy (qiyas), public interest (maslaha), custom ('urf) and legal maxims (qawa'id fiqhiyya) can be applied to copyright. The result of this study is a framework wherein the concept of copyright is defined and understood in an Islamic manner. This gives a consistent approach from which specific rulings can be derived. Copyright in Islamic Law is both a ground-breaking study in Shari'a law and a valuable contribution to the ongoing debates on copyright in general.

About the Author

Dr Mohamed Ali Ahdash is a lawyer and an expert in Islamic law and Islamic studies. He has lectured extensively on the subject of Islamic law.
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ISBN: 9781903682906
ISBN-10: 1903682908
Publisher: Islamic Texts Society
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 300
Language: English