Beyond Startup Week: What First-Time Entrepreneurs Don't Know to Ask (Paperback)

Beyond Startup Week: What First-Time Entrepreneurs Don't Know to Ask By Michelle Mink Cover Image
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Startup Week is over - now what?

Isn't it peculiar how watching an expert or professional do something can make it seem so easy? Things like playing golf or chess, public speaking, competing in the Olympics, buying investment real estate, and planning a reunion seem effortless when handled by an expert. Many don't realize all the planning and effort that go into pulling off something flawlessly. The same holds true for starting a business. Unless you've been through it before it's extremely difficult to know all the things to look out for and expect.

Follow five first-time, archetypical entrepreneurs as they go from exciting ideas to opening the doors of new businesses. These strangers, who met at a local startup week event, commit to supporting each other as they figure out where their concepts fit in the world and what it takes to make that first sale.

Andres - Inventor who spends his free time building toys and gadgets that other people would probably enjoy but isn't sure how to get into their hands.

Dylan - Animal lover trying to figure out how to create a utopia where humans and pets come together in bougie hangouts.

Kaya - Frustrated healthcare provider in search of a better solution using a preventative, holistic approach.

Malik - Burnout from the tech start-up scene looking to pay the bills with contract work before deciding whether to turn it into a full-blown consulting business.

Jade - Home chef and lover of creative cooking wants to monetize her passion but isn't sure how to connect with food fusion fans.

Follow their unique journeys through the critical planning needed to start their businesses off right, and apply the learnings to your entrepreneurial quest.

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ISBN: 9781932491036
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Publication Date: June 23rd, 2023
Pages: 186
Language: English