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Chronic Lung Disease book provides options for people who may feel that they have very few choices with their current condition. It helps them cope with their disease by providing important facts as well as emotional support and encouragement. With Chronic Lung Disease book, you have step by step instructions for performing controlled coughing and pursed lip breathing, as well as other important techniques to make you feel more comfortable. In addition, this book provides a wealth of information on different medicines and therapies, including using an oxygen concentrator and aerosol therapy. Put you or your loved one at ease and in the know with Chronic Lung Disease book. Consultant: Steven M. Koenig, MD, FCCP, FAASM, St. Claire Medical Center, Morehead, KY Reviewers: Robert M. Bruce, MD, FACP, Deb Cooper, RRT, Sally Crim Tibbals, RN, MS, CS, Becky Fitzgerald, John E. Huffman, BA, CRTT, Karen Jackson, CRT, Patricia A. Lincoln, RN, BSN, CDE, Jill Malen, RN, MS, NS, Jane Clarkson Moore, PT, DPT, MEd, Marjan Torbati, BS, RRT, CPFT Testimonials: We love this book at our facility. It puts breathing techniques in simple terms, and explains the process that all literate patients can understand. -- mbruns, RN "Excellent resource My father was recently diagnosed with COPD. Your booklet is very easy to understand and offered him far more than any of my nursing books." "I love the fun & creative way that info is presented to the patient. Your book is a very complete & detailed guide for the COPD patient, without being overwhelming." - Debi W RRT "To Air is Human is a wonderful booklet. I found it packed with info, easy to read and understand." "The booklet "To Air is Human" addresses, very thoroughly, all the important aspects of pulmonary disease. It doesn't seem to over-simplify or over-complicate the subject. It's a great teaching tool about a subject that doesn't always get explained well." "The patients like the book and so do I. To Air is Human is a good source that accompanies my teaching." - Albert M "This book is excellent Colorful, informative on the level of the patient & entertaining. Patients enjoy using it and learning at the same time." -K.M. Wellness Program Director "We found this book to be very comprehensive and a particularly excellent resource for a newly diagnosed patient." "A fantastic book for pulmonary patients. An essential part of pulmonary disease management." - E. Hensley, RRT "Easy to read & understand. Pictures are great. We will continue to use this product." - B. Agen, RN, Clinical Educator.
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ISBN: 9781933638997
ISBN-10: 1933638990
Publisher: Pritchett & Hull Associates, Incorporated
Publication Date: August 19th, 2015
Pages: 84
Language: English