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By Michael Hebron, Stephen Yazulla (Contribution by)
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Abstract for It Depends - Hebron with Yazulla

It Depends , focuses on conditions affecting peoples physical, mental, and emotional states as related to learning and its observable outcome in a topical dialog between Hebron, PGA Master Professional and Dr. Stephen Yazulla. Hebron has been researching the brain's connection to learning for over two decades. He attended Harvard's Connecting Mind-Brain to Education Institute, Dr. Eric Jensen's Teaching with the Brain in Mind workshops and spending time with renowned Dr. Robert Bjork at UCLA's Learning Lab; Michael organized the first National PGA of America, Europe, and Canada Teaching and Coaching Summits; a member of World of Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, PGA of America Hall of Fame, recipient of PGA National Teacher of the Year and National PGA Horton Smith Awards.

Professor Stephen Yazulla, Ph. D Professor Emeritus at Stony Brook University's Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, and of Ophthalmology. Both Hebron and Yazulla addressing their expertise in response to ponderings received from those they instruct. In any group of learners, there are various levels assessed by performance under the same instructor in the same environment. The dialog emphasizes that much of a person's success is influenced on their current knowledge base, regardless of the instructor or environment.

This book focuses on learning more about how numerous contingencies including natural ability, fatigue, motivation, effort, experience, expectations of themselves and of the instructor, manner of instruction, practice strategies, consequences of success or failure, what stress and emotions have on brain function, and ultimately on learning and performance. An emphasis is on presenting how the brain responds to these conditions and, for better or worse, how behavior necessarily follows. These ideas are supported in technical vocabulary on research from Cellular, Systems, and Behavioral Neuroscience with an overview of the Brain and Nervous System.

The game of Golf is used as an example for any instructional activity. The goal is to improve learning and performance by reducing stress in coaching, teaching, and performing environments.

Key Words: Education, teaching, coaching, learning, performance, motivation, stress, emotion, behavioral neuroscience, brain.

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