The Healing Power of Living Foods (Paperback)

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The Healing Power of Raw Foods explains the natural healing powers of raw and living foods. There are also case histories of healings from utilizing the raw and living diet. Also included are menus and recipes that restore and promote good health. When followed consistently, the body will turn around to life and healing. The Healing Power of Raw Foods is real. Unfortunately, today we are robbed of this legacy of health and vitality inherent in raw foods. Those who cling to cooked foods go through life tired and drained from the aches, pains, and sickness that lifeless foods bring until getting through the day becomes a chore. Then they struggle just to make it through the hour, let alone accomplish what needs to be done throughout the day. In short, our devitalized, nutritionally-devoid food supply is draining us and dragging us down into a lower dimension of living until we are literally dying before the last breaths depart our bodies. But why do people persist in eating cooked foods? While it is easy to eat raw foods, it is hard not to eat cooked foods. It means we would have to give up our favorite foods that we think "keep us going." Hence, our soft drinks, pastries, meat, or whatever it is that holds us back actually becomes an addiction and keeps us from moving forward into a joyful, vibrant life. While many on a cooked food diet eat some raw foods just because raw food tastes so flavorful and sumptuous, they will never know true healing and life by doing partly raw each day. - The Publisher "The authentic work of Linda Ruff adds a breath of freshness into the subject of raw foods. The author starts her book with impressive testimonials from people who restored their health by practicing a raw foods diet, gathered during her work at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. Ruff shares inspiring stories about Ann Wigmore's life and how her teaching continues to heal people. The sincerity and passion of the book add strength to the message. Many true life anecdotes and observations make it an engaging read." - Victoria Boutenko, Author of numerous raw foods publications "Linda Ruff was a dedicated student of the Living Foods Lifestyle(r) as taught by the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. While a student, she adopted the lifestyle without reservation and practiced it with patience and love. As a student and later as a returning graduate, Linda showed great interest in helping people. While at the Institute, she used her own healing experiences to inspire and motivate others. She also listened to them and collected their information. "Today Linda is still interested in helping people. By using the information previously collected at the Institute, she developed her own detox program. Many people may find Linda's approach using raw foods to be very effective as a transition tool from cooked to living foods as well as a useful step towards healing." - Lalita Salas, Co-Director, The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Author, Candida Health Through Living Foods "Blessings and Healing to our whole nation and Universe is achieved through the great service of such wonderful leaders as Linda Ruff, who graciously seeks to be in the service to the Oneness of All Life. Anyone who puts forth a book such as this is clearly a Way Shower "All the more POWER to the blessings that we all may receive as we one by one and two by two move on in healing our bodies with the One Blueprint that Dr. Ann Wigmore, our Mother of Wheatgrass and Living Foods, produced. Hurrah and Praises Let us All live in true Live-ication - not dead-ication." - Susan L. Lavendar, Director, The Ann Wigmore Foundatio.
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Publication Date: November 22nd, 2012
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