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Poetry. Art. BINDLE collects several series of text-image works by artist Dianne Kornberg and poet Elisabeth Frost, created over a six-year period of intensive collaboration. BINDLE explores the natural world through its traces, as a sort of mortal remains: spiders' webs, birds' nests, and oyster shells evoke dwelling places and absent bodies, scientific specimens and sites of loss. In these complex visual fields, text and image carry equal weight, and the idioms of science and lyric overlap and merge. In this singular work, Kornberg and Frost reveal that divergent ways of knowing hold us as a paper bindle holds a specimen tying us to the material world.
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ISBN: 9781938900136
ISBN-10: 1938900138
Publisher: Ricochet Editions
Publication Date: October 15th, 2015
Pages: 56
Language: English