Energy: The Created Crisis (Paperback)

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Your taxes are going up; your electric and gas bills are costing more; and the government is telling you to use your air conditioner less in the summer. Why? For an energy crisis that doesn't exist. In Energy: The Created Crisis, Antony C. Sutton confirms the suspicion long held by many that the energy "crisis" is a hoax perpetrated on the American people by big government aided and abetted by big business. Topics: America's present reserves are enough for the next 2000 years. How and why the US government works to obstruct energy development. Which huge multi-national companies are most politically active in supporting the government's efforts to encourage the energy "crisis" and why. Nuclear energy is far cheaper and safer than oil, coal, and gas. The ruling elite, and who they are and why they're working against you. Energy: The Created Crisis exposes the energy "crisis" plot, explains how it works, and tells how the free market can sweep it away.
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ISBN: 9781939438263
ISBN-10: 1939438268
Publisher: Dauphin Publications
Publication Date: February 6th, 2015
Pages: 186
Language: English