The Swish: An In Depth Look at this Powerful NLP Pattern (Paperback)

The Swish: An In Depth Look at this Powerful NLP Pattern By Jess Marion, John Overdurf, Shawn Carson Cover Image
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The Swish is a fundamental pattern in NLP. It is both powerful and quick in creating lasting change for clients and yourself. What most do not realize is that there is much more to the Swish than what is presented in a standard NLP class. The Swish is versatile and is valuable well beyond the coaching room. For the first time ever, this book explores in depth the principles that make the Swish work as well as providing variations of the pattern that will be ideal for a number of different situations . Finally the authors present ways to use the Swish in various contexts including in a business setting and self coaching. The Swish creates fast and lasting change in clients and now you can use it new and powerful ways whether you are using it in coaching and therapy, business, or for your own personal development. About the Series: NLP Mastery approaches NLP in a new way. This series explores the various change patterns at a level never presented before. The authors also take the patterns and expand on them, developing new variations and taking them beyond the formal coaching setting. "This is a book for true students of the game, written by two true students of the game. It is about one of the most flexible and versatile change patterns in the classic NLP repertoire: The Swish. Oh, and did I mention? You never know how far a change will go. Shawn and Jess take the Swish by storm. No stone is left unturned. This is one thorough treatment It's concise, yet deep. Demos, practical tips for using the pattern in a variety of ways, in a variety of settings - it's all here." John Overdurf.
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ISBN: 9781940254029
ISBN-10: 1940254027
Publisher: Changing Mind
Publication Date: October 7th, 2013
Pages: 168
Language: English