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Good cooks surround me, and that's purely divine intervention. You see, my culinary expertise maxes out at Jell-O Jigglers. It's a good thing my hubby, Joel, loves to cook. Otherwise our kids would have gotten pretty tired of PB&J sandwiches and salad. We all have our talents, but God didn't give me a culinary gene.

A number of Chapel Springs Revival readers asked me for my favorite recipes-which flat knocked me out given I can't cook. But Mayor Felix Riley liked the idea, so all my friends got together and submitted their favorites. This cookbook includes the best recipes from Chapel Springs-the dishes we all bring to town potlucks. I've had the good pleasure of tasting all of these at one time or another ... well, except for one of Felix's. I wouldn't try it. But maybe you're more adventurous.

I hope you enjoy this cookbook. And I hope all y'all get the next book in the Chapel Springs series, Chapel Springs Survival, coming in December. The author exposes my great faux pas in the world of art.


Claire Bennett.
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Publication Date: October 26th, 2015
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