A Young Man on the Front Line: Lessons of War (Hardcover)

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He was only 18 years old, leading five men on far-away battlefields where he witnessed the death and destruction of World War II.

U.S. Army Sergeant Chris Makas braved bloody battles, frigid winters, and gut-wrenching trauma, to help lead the Allies into victory.

A Young Man on the Front Line: Lessons of War is a true story of a young man on the front line of war. The story chronicles his experience of becoming a soldier, enduring his soldiering days, and reconciling his life in the aftermath of his war experiences. As a reader, you become a fellow traveler with Chris Makas on his journey of war, trauma, adaptation, and self-acceptance while contemplating "lessons of war" - all within the historic realities of World War II.

This powerfully written memoir is a touching tribute from a daughter for her father. After growing up hearing his stories of war, survival, and appreciation of peacetime civilian and family life, Elaine I. Makas, Ph.D., penned this heartfelt and poignant account of her father's life through his eyes. She masterfully captures his voice and perspective through the excitement, then terrible disillusionment of going to World War II at age 18. This book is a beautiful tribute to daughters and fathers, veterans, world history, and family love.


"Our orders were clear, "Take the high ground." Simple. Take the high ground. The advantage is always to the persons on the high ground. We attacked. We were beaten back. We attacked again. We were beaten back. We attacked again - same result.

We looked at our Captain. "They're too strong Captain. We can't take the ground."

For which the Captain replied the words forever opening all our eyes to war, "We keep trying until none of us are left standing." That was the moment. We awoke to war. The moment we became soldiers. The next time we attacked we made sure to take our objective.

...later, I realized the internal damage of the day. At the age of 20, I was both a hero and a killer."

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Publication Date: December 7th, 2020
Pages: 228
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