Tenured: The Single Greatest Threat to Higher Education? (Paperback)

Tenured: The Single Greatest Threat to Higher Education? By Mitchell L. Springer Cover Image
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Presidents, politicians, scholars, students and parents concur there are growing concerns with America's higher education system. Finger pointing aside, this book focuses on what may be the lynchpin of all subsequent issues: guaranteed lifetime employment...pronounced tenure.Looking from the outside in--and the inside out--international author and professor Mitch Springer takes a deeper dive into the behavioral characteristics governing the transformation of public institutions of higher education and the national implications thereof.TENURED is a synthesis of over 25 years of researched literature, carefully assembled into a comprehensive and cohesive depiction of basic elements collectively constituting what may be the single greatest threat to the transformation of higher education today.TENURED is a must read for anyone grappling with, or having an interest in the problems and possible solutions to higher education.

About the Author

Dr. Springer possesses over 35 years of theoretical and industry-based practical experience from four disciplines: Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Program Management, and Human Resources. He possesses a significant strength in pattern recognition, analyzing and improving organizational systems. Dr. Springer is internationally recognized, has contributed to scholarship more than 200 books, articles, presentations, editorials and reviews on software development methodologies, management, organizational change, and program management.
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