Contact With Space: Oranur; Second Report 1951 - 1956 (Paperback)

Contact With Space: Oranur; Second Report 1951 - 1956 By Michael Mannion (Foreword by), Wilhelm Reich Cover Image
By Michael Mannion (Foreword by), Wilhelm Reich
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Wilhelm Reich's final publication, Contact With Space contains the result of six years of intensive research and field work: a natural scientific account of and the basis of practical measures for combating the DOR emergency. This volume is an exposition of the newest developments in the technology of Cosmic Orgone Engineering, which involve the use of "Spacegun," an extension of the cloudbuster made possible by the discovery of ORUR.During Reich's scientific expedition to southern Arizona (1954-1955)--which he documents in this book--it was Cosmic Orgone Engineering that caused desert land to turn green with prairie grass. Here Reich submits a natural scientific explanation of the metabolism of the Life Energy, a study which goes into the nature of primal vegetation, and the nature of dying or death of vegetation, i.e. desert development.Nature being one, Contact With Space examines the new basic energetic facts brought into the open by the Oranur Experiment in terms of the various branches of science into which they ramify: biophysics, Oranur medicine, astrophysics, meteorology, chemistry and pre-atomic chemistry, space technology, man's reactions to these events, etc. It also deals with the methods of the functional scientist.Written under unrelenting attack from conspiratorial commercial interests, this book gives some of the background into the difficult social and physical milieu in which this research was done, and conveys the excitement of the adventures that began the cosmic or "atomic" age.
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