The Bug Out Book: Bags, Tools, and Survival Skills to Save Your Ass in an Emergency (Paperback)

The Bug Out Book: Bags, Tools, and Survival Skills to Save Your Ass in an Emergency By Offgrid Editors (Editor) Cover Image
By Offgrid Editors (Editor)
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A no-nonsense guide to gearing up, bugging out and staying alive.

For more than a decade, OffGrid Magazine has been at the forefront of education about prepping and survival in both urban and rural environments. Now, the OffGrid editors have pulled together a collection of the best advice on gear and skills needed to keep you and your loved ones alive when the unexpected happens and it's time to get out of harm's way.

The Bug Out Book drives home the fact that gear matters, but only if it's the right gear and you know how to use it. Central to this concept is the popular OffGrid "Bag Drop" column, a deeply detailed look at tools and advice from survival experts who provide the details of what they pack in their bug out bags in preparation for survival scenarios that are highly possible in today's uncertain world. Here's where to go for help with preparing for situations such as:

  • Getting out of town before a hurricane strikes
  • Escaping a fast-moving wildfire
  • Surviving an urban mass transit attack
  • Finding safety if your neighborhood is a target for civil unrest
  • Staying safe if forced to evacuate your workplace

These and a dozen other scenarios are covered from the perspective of which gear you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones until you can get to permanent safety or return home.

To supplement this gear advice, the OffGrid editors have compiled deeply detailed, expert coverage of how to select and use the most important life-saving gear, including fire-starting tools; water purifiers; emergency food; clothing; footwear; knives; improvised weapons; and dozens of others to fit the most likely scenarios you might face in your locale.

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ISBN: 9781951115913
ISBN-10: 1951115910
Publisher: Offgrid
Publication Date: March 28th, 2023
Language: English