Bayou With Benefits (Paperback)

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They are friends. Without benefits. Unfortunately.

Michael LeClaire is small-town Louisiana. A firefighter. A single dad.

And Amelia Landry is New York City. A social media influencer. A model.

Sure, she's his son's favorite person on the planet.

And yeah, their families spend so much time together it's hard to remember who shares DNA and who just shares secrets, inside jokes, and a sincere lack of boundaries.

And okay, he's seen her nerdy side. Her sweet side. Her funny, self-deprecating side.

Fine, yes, resisting this woman has taken a saint's share of willpower.

But he has to. He just cannot do long-distance. And he can't have a casual fling with someone he's known-and will know-forever.

Thankfully, he only has to hide his feelings a few times a year when she visits.

And then, he slips. One time. One spontaneous I-knew-it-would-be-everything kiss and he's a goner.

Now every time they see each other it's harder and harder to ignore the heat.

And when she shows up on his doorstep after a car accident changes her entire life, there's no way he can resist the chance to see if this can last...or if they'll finally flame out.

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ISBN: 9781952280535
ISBN-10: 1952280532
Publisher: En Fiction, Inc
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 314
Language: English