The Humble Essay: A Readable Introduction to College Writing (Paperback)

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The Humble Essay is so much more than a writing textbook. It gives you tools, tips, and tricks that actually explain what a writer does. It doesn't sugarcoat the process, or dumb down the very real challenges that entering a college writing space requires. This book is more like a friend. It's the kind of friend that will coach you through a tough time and encourage you, and it will make you laugh while you go through it. It's the kind of friend who holds your hair back when you're sick of writing, and gives you the courage to try again.

Roy K. Humble is the kind of writing teacher who understands the struggle of learning how to write like a college student, and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. His lessons here are profound, but in the sense that they are delivered by someone who wants you to feel included in the conversation about what good college writing should be. He writes to students in language they can understand without becoming English majors, and with just enough humor to keep them reading. He writes for faculty, moving step by step through the unadorned guiding principles of effective formal writing so that faculty have a great framework on which to build their classes. Perhaps most importantly, Humble understands that the price of a book matters to students, so his books are affordable. From every perspective, Humble gets it.

The Humble Essay has students covered on these important topics:
- Understanding the college essay as an idea
- Grasping the stages of the writing process
- Organizing the college essay around cohesive paragraphs
- Thinking for yourself as a college student
- Gathering and synthesizing sources and information
- Guiding readers through a thoughtful college essay

About the Author

Roy K. Humble is an adjunct writing instructor at several local community colleges. He's been told by one of his deans that he "overshares," so if you want to know charming details about his personal life, you'll have to read the books.
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