Testament of a Russian Fascist (Hardcover)

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Testament of a Russian Fascist contains the collected writings of the obscure and fascinating figure of Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevsky, the leader of the long extinct All-Russian Fascist Party. Born in 1907, Rodzevsky lived through a turbulent time, going through the Russian Revolution as an adolescent and escaping the USSR at the age of eighteen to Manchuria, nominally under Chinese control at the time. There, he and numerous other Russians lived in exile, watching with horror across the border at the transformation of their motherland under the Soviet Union. In his writings, Rodzaevsky offers a rare insight into the mindset and ideology of the Russian far-right during the interwar era and presents a historical account of what he sees as a force that destroyed Russia and, with the Russian people in chains, seeks to dominate the entire world.

Drawing on his personal experiences as well as historical events, Rodzaevsky traces the roots of the dark power that first took over the West and then Russia and explores the potential of a global fascist revolution. This book is not just a piece of journalism or even a political manifesto, but it also delves into the personal struggles and tragedies of Rodzaevsky's life and the Russian people, showcasing the complex motivations that drove him to embrace fascism as the future for his people.

Antelope Hill Publishing is proud to present Testament of a Russian Fascist translated for the first time into English. Relevant to this day, the obscure memory of Rodzaevsky sheds light on the complex and unique relationship between fascism and Russia.
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Publication Date: March 24th, 2023
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