With My Permission: A Child's Guide to Understanding Consent (Paperback)

With My Permission: A Child's Guide to Understanding Consent By Danielle Dowie, Edyta Karaban (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Danielle Dowie, Edyta Karaban (Illustrator)
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Empower children with knowledge and understanding from an early age. As top US Pediatrician Dr. Pia Fenimore emphasizes, beginning at age 3, children grasp the concepts of good touch and bad touch. Teach them about personal boundaries, appropriate touch, and the power of saying no. Most importantly, let children dictate their own comfort level-never force them to hug or kiss someone. "With My Permission: A Child's Guide to Understanding Consent" by Danielle Dowie is a valuable resource for fostering healthy conversations about consent. Let's prioritize robust, mindful, and age-appropriate sex education in schools, starting even earlier than fifth grade. (Lancaster Online Column March 2023)

With My Permission: A Child's Guide to Understanding Consent is a fun and educational book that teaches young children the importance of consent in a simple and engaging way. Through child friendly scenarios, rhyming text, and attractive illustrations, this book shows children how to ask for and respect consent in different situations, such as playing, hugging, sharing, and helping. By reading this book, children will learn to recognize their own boundaries and preferences, as well as those of others. They will also learn to communicate their feelings and wishes clearly and politely, and to listen and respond to others with empathy and kindness. This book will help children develop a sense of autonomy and respect, and to apply the concept of consent to other areas of life, such as learning, exploring, and creating.

With My Permission: A Child's Guide to Understanding Consent is a must-have book for parents, teachers, guardians, and anyone who cares about the well-being and happiness of children. It is a wonderful gift that will empower children to make positive and healthy choices, and to build strong and respectful relationships. This book will inspire children to say yes to their dreams, and to respect the dreams of others.

Join Baya and Bash, two confident siblings, as they demonstrate the concept of consent and body autonomy through courtly rhymes and illustrative storytelling. They say it freely, demand it boldly, and are polite and full of zeal. With My Permission is a must-have for consent's big appeal. So teach it early, teach it now, teach kids daily, and show them how to make asserting bodily autonomy a lifelong vow

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