Industrialism - Our Commitment to Impermanence (Paperback)

Industrialism - Our Commitment to Impermanence By Christopher O. Clugston Cover Image
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The REAL Inconvenient Truth

By choosing to industrialize, we Homo sapiens unwittingly made a commitment to impermanence. We adopted a terminally unsustainable way of life, in which the finite and non-replenishing NNRs (nonrenewable natural resources) that enable our industrial existence, would inevitably become insufficient to do so.

Unfortunately, "inevitably" is "now" - Nature's Squeeze is on

"Industrialism - Our Commitment to Impermanence" makes the case for the complete and permanent collapse of human industrialism by the year 2050, as the inevitable consequence of our immutable reliance upon finite, non-replenishing, and increasingly scarce NNRs - fossil fuels, metals, and nonmetallic minerals.

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ISBN: 9781958889657
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Publication Date: May 15th, 2023
Pages: 246
Language: English