Demolition Politics 2020: The New Americanism (Paperback)

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DEMOLITION POLITICS has consistently permeated political effort in America over many decades. Loss of any moral compass, and disregard for civility and human dignity, has created an elitist class of politicians with an unquenchable thirst for power that will allow them control over the people of America.

A total disregard for the National Good, yields to a rampant desire to drastically change the fiber of our society and repeatedly burdens our democracy with untenable challenges to our liberties, our economy, our health system, our judicial system and our American Dream.

Misguided and deceitful legislators, seek to demoralize all major institutions, and in general achieve degradation of our history. They pretend to promote "evolution" while endorsing criminality and malfeasance, yielding nothing productive or constructive for the betterment of our Nation and its people.

Dialogue becomes confrontational, diversity trumps unification, debate leads to censorship, and perception confuses reality.

Our National Pride is undermined by fake news and a new cancel culture.

Our ethnicity is challenged and gets confused with race, while free speech negates respect for the opinion of others.

WE THE PEOPLE are the true essence of this country.

Disingenuous and misleading rhetoric has led our people to aspirational delusions that result in radically mistaken identities.

WE THE PEOPLE, the voters of America, deserve the best effort from our legislators without causing the destruction of our social fiber.

WE THE PEOPLE, want change for the better, construction and not destruction should be the guiding principle, that will preserve our democracy and the American Dream.

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Publication Date: October 8th, 2020
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