Heirloom Rooms: Soulful Stories of Home (Hardcover)

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Erin Napier, designer, host of HGTV’s Home Town, and author of Make Something Good Today, returns with a gorgeously illustrated and one-of-a-kind celebration of the homes we live in and love.

Our homes are more than an assemblage of bricks and glass, wood and nails.

They are the keepers of our childhood memories, our milestones, and heartaches. They evolve as we do. As a family grows and eventually retracts, a home can change hands and begin again. We are the chapters in the book of a house. They carry on after we are gone, setting the stage for another story, a new life, new memories.

From Erin Napier, coauthor with her husband, Ben, of their memoir Make Something Good Today, comes a collection of essays walking us through every room in her home, telling the story of a family’s life, of the days that made their home the place she longs for when she’s away.

We learn about when they became the new owners of Erin’s dream house from childhood in downtown Laurel, Mississippi, and explore the beautiful homes of family, friends, and projects past in photographs.

With essays that evoke her Southern home, photos of the beautifully imperfect, lived-in spaces of her family and friends, and prompts for us to document our own homemade memories, Heirloom Rooms feels like walking through the front door of the collected and loved-in houses Erin and Ben are known for revitalizing in HGTV’s #1 hit series, Home Town.

About the Author

Erin Napier is a designer, author, and entrepreneur. Along with her husband, Ben Napier, she is the cohost of HGTV’s Home Town, coauthor of Make Something Good Today, author of The Lantern House, and founding co-owner of their stores Laurel Mercantile Co., Scotsman General Store & Woodshop, and The Scent Library. She lives in Laurel, Mississippi, with Ben and their two daughters. Learn more at ErinAndBen.co.

Praise For…

“Erin’s new book, Heirloom Rooms, is something that lives on my desk because I love to look at it and go through a page at a time. It’s one of my favorite books and it is so phenomenal.” —Drew Barrymore

“These are the rooms for me—messy, warm, and filled with stories. Erin Napier is full of love—for houses, for the past, for what a family brings to a space that transforms it into a home.” — Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of This Time Tomorrow

"As a Mississippi writer whose every word is attached to home and a simpler time and place, Heirloom Rooms is the book that I wish I had written. If I had known that unmade beds would one day be celebrated in a book, I could have saved myself fifty years of anxiety and guilt knowing my daughter, of all people, would make it inspirational." —Karen Rasberry, IPPY Award-Winning Author, Erin's Mom

“I like it. I really like the sheets and blankets and stuffies on my bed. I like Halloween at our house when we put decorations up as a family and we were having fun together. I’m eating right now, Mama.” — Helen Napier, Erin’s daughter, age 5

"Almost everyone resonates to the idea of home, for many reasons. But to articulate what home means specifically is more difficult. HEIRLOOM ROOMS: Soulful Stories of Home speaks artfully, nearly kaleidoscopically, to the idea of what home is--or can be--in ways that are beyond inspiring. I looked at the beautiful photos many times, seeing something new each time. I loved the prose: friendly, intimate, full of heart and, yes, soul; sometimes practical, sometimes funny, often times downright poignant. (The thoughts Erin shares in the preface about her grandmother leaving her house brought me to tears--me, and my partner, too.) Comments made by Erin's friends about their own houses added other helpful perspectives and dimensions. I finished reading this book with deeper reverence for what my home means to me, and with a newfound confidence that I can trust my instincts to make the place where I live truly reflect me, as well as the things and people I care so deeply for. Thank you, Erin, for teaching me that sometimes an errant sock is not so much clutter as proof that someone you love is nearby." —Elizabeth Berg, author of The Story of Arthur Truluv 

“Napier’s fans will relish the personal anecdotes, and the emphasis on everyday living offers a down-to-earth alternative to the luxurious abodes that populate most home design books. This charms.” —Publishers Weekly 
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