Curious Creatures in Zoology (Paperback)

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Complete digitally restored reprint (facsimile) of the original edition of 1890 with excellent resolution and outstanding readability. With Ornaments and over 120 Illustrations. Klappentext: The book Curious Creatures in Zoology opens with a brief introduction in which John Asthon (1834-1911) lays out his purpose for writing the book and the methodology used in doing so. This work is a collection of accounts of the world's most curious creatures as they have appeared in writings by various authors throughout history. The opening chapters of the book examine humans and human-like creatures, including early men, wild men, and so-called "hairy men". The author also includes sections on giants and pygmies. From there, Ashton transitions to more mythical creatures, including centaurs, unicorns, and lamias. Throughout the book, which includes sections on more than 100 creatures, the author sprinkles in descriptions of real animals, including dolphins, scorpions, ants, whales, hornets, to name but a few, however more space is definitely devoted to the more fantastical creatures however.
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ISBN: 9783959401227
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Publication Date: November 7th, 2015
Pages: 372
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