Magic Johnson Book for Kids: The biography of the Hall of Famer "Magic Johnson" for young genius athletes (Large Print / Paperback)

Magic Johnson Book for Kids: The biography of the Hall of Famer
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Step onto the court and join the dazzling world of "Magic Moments," This awesome book that brings the incredible story of basketball legend Magic Johnson to life for young readers In this captivating journey, kids will dribble alongside the charismatic Magic as he spins tales of teamwork, perseverance, and the sheer magic of the game.

Brimming with colorful illustrations and heartwarming anecdotes, this book is a slam dunk for young sports enthusiasts and budding basketball stars. Magic Johnson, known not only for his extraordinary skills on the court but also for his infectious smile and larger-than-life personality, becomes a mentor in the world of children's literature. Through exciting play-by-plays and lessons in sportsmanship, Magic teaches kids the importance of determination, friendship, and embracing one's unique talents.

As the pages turn, young readers will discover the joy of chasing dreams and working as a team, inspired by Magic's own journey from the streets of Lansing, Michigan, to the dazzling lights of the NBA. Whether it's a high-flying dunk or a clever assist, "Magic Moments" captures the essence of Magic Johnson's charisma and his impact on the game of basketball. Get ready for a slam dunk of inspiration and excitement - this is a book that scores big


  • Large print for easy reading.
  • Filled with illustrations and Images for more interesting reading.
  • Top notch quality colored paper quality.
  • Suitable for gifts and presents.

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ISBN: 9786120922033
ISBN-10: 6120922032
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Verity Books
Publication Date: January 18th, 2024
Pages: 76
Language: English